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Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), the old lion of science and technology in Nepal has successfully organized country’s fifth National Conference on Science and technology from 10th to 12th of November 2008. The gala of scientists that lasted for three days had a slogan of “Science, Technology and Innovation for Prosperous Nepal”. The festival was attended by 1200 national and international scientists, adorned by 654 presentations including two special, five plenary and 17 invited lectures on 15 different branches of sciences. Few proposals regarding increment in government’s budget allocation for science, frequency of organization of the conference and others were made and few commitments were also made by Mr. Prime Minister, Finance Minister and other stakeholders.


There were around50 presentations under ‘biotechnology’ and ‘food biotechnology’ section, 25 presentation in each field. Topics covered by presentations under biotechnology were, antimicrobial effects of medicinal plants, polyclonal antibody production, gene identification, molecular characterization and genetic diversity analysis, and others. Most of the presentations were based on using tools like spectrophotometry, RAPD PCR, ELISA, western blot and some bioinformatics tools. BSN members Mr. Pawan Dulal, Mr. Pawan Bashyal, Mr. Subash Rai, Mr. Salyan Bhattarai, Ms Diwa Malla, Ms. Rojlina Manandhar also presented their research works in the conference.

Biotechnology presentation hall changed after the first session on the first day. Biotechnology presentation supposed to be held at Dhrub Man Singh Hall, (A temporary hall prepared by making a partition in a corridor like place of Pragya Bhawan) had to be changed after a huge presence of audience. The hall allocated was small with space for hardly hundred audiences. Later, as the program rolled on, it started overcrowding and people crammed in to listen to the speakers. It had to be shifted to the main hall soon after the completion of the first session. We appreciate NAST’s arrangement and effective management for such a grand event but still. Can we speculate about an underestimating vision of NAST towards Biotechnology?

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