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James Watson, a biologist from Indiana University, and Francis Crick, a physicist, were working at the Cavendish Lab in Cambridge, England on the structure of DNA. On Saturday, February 28, 1953 it is reported that Crick came into the Eagle, a Cambridge pub, and announced to everyone there that they had “found the secret of life”. In 1953 they proposed the double helix model of DNA. In April of 1953 the Watson and Crick paper appeared in the journal Nature 171 : 737-738 & 964-967 (1953). US Congress declared April 25th 2003 as DNA Day to celebrate the completion of the human genome project and the 50th anniversary of the description of DNA.

In April 2008, BSN organized the first ever DNA day celebration in Nepal. Continuing with the same spirit, BSN will be celebrating the DNA day this year too on 24thApril 2009, Friday. Our main attraction of the program will be an art exhibition on the theme “Biotechnology and DNA” prepared by the art students of School of Arts, Kathmandu University. A documentary shall also be displayed in the same theme. And some of our members will be giving a short presentation in the applications of DNA in Biotechnology.

All the members and interested people are invited to our program. Your presence shall be highly appreciated.

Venue: Martin Chautari, Thapathali (Prasuti Griha Marg)
Date: 24thApril 2009, Friday
Time: 1pm


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