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International Symposium on Biotechnology (Education, Research & Industrialization) was successfully held on 14thJune 2009 organized by School of Biotechnology, White House College of Science & Engineering (WHCSE) in collaboration with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Nepal Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Tribhuvan University (Department of Biotechnology), University Grant Commission Nepal (UGCN) and Prubanchal University. The symposium was conducted inside the seminar hall of the newly inaugurated building of WHCSE located at Khumaltar, Lalitpur.

The Seminar hall was enthusiastically attended by a remarkable number of international delegates, scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs and students representing various institutions related to biotechnology and life sciences. We would like to thank the organizers for inviting BSN to the program where four of our executive members – Ms. Barsha Poudel, Mr. Niran Maharjan, Mr. Raunak Shrestha and Ms. Sujita Mainali attended the program.

The symposium was divided into three sessions – the inaugural session, preliminary session and in-house session.

The symposium was divided into three sessions – the inaugural session, preliminary session and in-house session.

In the inaugural session, Mr. Yubraj R. Sharma (CEO, White House College) delivered his welcome speech. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ramavatar Yadav (VC, PU) who stressed on the progressive science and also shared his experiences on carrying out academic research. The chief guest of the event, Prof. Dr. Homnath Bhattarai (VC, NAST); put forward his concern over the challenges to implement biotech in national development and quality biotech education in Nepal. He also stressed in identifying the areas of biotech in which developing countries like Nepal can excel. Dr. Bhartendu Mishra (Executive Director, NARC) briefly highlighted NARC’s involvement in development of biotechnology in Nepal. Mr. Rajeev K. Singh (HOD, School of Biotech, White House College) concluded the session with vote of thanks to all the guests and participants of the program.

A short tea break was followed by the preliminary session, in which some presentations by distinguished international guests were delivered. Dr. Therstein Buch (University of Zurich, Switzerland) delivered his presentation on“Advances in Transgenesis Technologies for Immunological Research”where he talked about generation of embryonic stem cells, trangenes and molecular switch. Dr. Buch was followed by Dr. S. Ramachandran (G.N. Ramachandran Knowledge Centre for Genome Informatics, India) with his presentation on“Open Source Model for Drug Discovery: A New Concept.”He focused on uses and application of open source drug target database. Mr. D. Krishan (Banglore GeNei, India) delivered a talk on“Product and Services in Biotechnology”in which he highlighted the various products of GeNei. Finally, Dr. Anandhi Ramachandran (DOEACC, Chandigarh, India) gave a very encouraging and thoughtful presentation on“Basic Tools for Bioinformatics”in which she focused on use and scope of bioinformatics in life-science and biotech research.

The final in-house session followed after the lunch break where the leading scientists of Nepal presented their research works. Dr. Sangita Shrestha highlighted life-science and biotech related researches carried out by NAST. Dr. Shrestha was followed by Dr. Kanti Shrestha (NAST) who delivered her presentation on“Natural Product Chemistry and Biotechnology”and talked about various medicinal herbs found in Nepal and their use as potential drugs/drug targets. Also Dr. Pramod Aryal (Managing Director, Everest biotech) delivered his encouraging presentation on the topic“Non-conventional Pathway for Drug Discovery GSK-3Beta inhibitor and Vitamin B-12.”Finally Dr. Hari Prasad Bhim (NARC) highlighted various activities carried out in NARC.

The program also included 25 poster presentations of the research activities conducted by the students of various institutes of Nepal. The presentations were evaluated by a panel of judges and top three presentations were awarded. We congratulate all the participants of the competition and the winners:
First Prize:
“Project Work on Jar Water Sold in Kathmandu Valley”– Mittle. M, Shakya. R, Maharjan. R, Maharjan. R, and Shakya, S.

Second Prize:(There was a tie between two posters)
“Molecular Diagnosis of Huanglongbing (HLB) or Citrus Greening (CGD) disease of Citrus Using PCR – Based Assay” – P. Sharma, S. Shrestha, U. Budhathoki and C. Regmi.

“Prevalance of Echinococosis spp. Fasciola spp. And Gyantocotyl spp. In slaughter buffalos around IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal”– N. K. Yadav, D. K. Singh, M.P. Gupta.

Third Prize:
“Microbiological Quality of Raw Meat Sold in Kathmandu Valley.”– Bhattarai. S., Sharma. A,. and Bhattarai S.

Participation of such a number of individuals having common interest of development of biotechnology in our part of the world was something to behold. The program was very encouraging for our ‘infant’ Nepali Biotech sector. We hope to see similar programs in the future that will help the wheel of development keep rolling.


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