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Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN) is an endeavor for development of biotechnology in Nepal. The motto behind establishing the society is to disseminate information and knowledge about this cutting edge technology. We are motivated to act as an active platform for interchange of academic ideas about researches and theoretical perspectives of biotechnology. In the verse of this mission, the initiation of an e-bulletin was highly esteemed. Basically, it will act as common ground to extend the knowledge resources about technological advances in the world and their implications in context to Nepal.

Biotechnology is the science for this century. Human have expanded their understanding of biosphere by journeying in space and exploring the bottom of ocean. Now, the implication of the versatile inputs from all these immediate surroundings and beyond is doubtlessly attributed to biotechnology. Biotechnology is utilizing the science of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, information technology to develop products and services of great promise. Human has not only been able to manipulate organisms but also manipulate life and materials at the atomic level for benefit of human civilization.

In recent scenario of world, like other technologies biotechnology has advanced to the extent that we are lagging too far behind. But, actual bitter side is that it has been attitude among us that we just see that destination is too far and never dare to move on. It has been an established fact, that though we are second largest country in water resource; but still we are among the people in globe who spend most of their time without electricity. Similarly, we are furbished with the affluent bio-resources; but still we are lagging far behind in its utilization. So, if we step sensibly and duly then we can fulfill the dream of prosperous Nepal.

Success requires extreme effort and commitment. But before it, comes the dream or the vision. To succeed, the dream must be defined for success. But, dream alone does not bring success because you need foundations to build your castle. So, we should pursue our dreams and strive for new horizon. A right step at the right time always leads to success. It is never too late than never. So, we should all come up with a concrete commitment that we would contribute our best to materialize the dream of prosperous Nepal.

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