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Journal of Institute of Medicine (JIOM) has just published its latest issue at

Journal of Institute of Medicine
Vol 31, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Can we use qualitative research approach in biomedical studies? (1-2)
S Joshi

Original Articles

Prediction of surgical site infection and other adverse postoperative outcomes (3-6)
BR Luitel, SP Kandel, B Shrestha, R Sapkota, RS Bhandari

Maternal mortality in hilly districts of Nepal (7-13)
B Shrestha

Treatment of Anisometropic Amblyopia in children with refractive correction (14-18)
D Kaphle, JB Shrestha, P Paudel

Utero-vaginal prolapse in far western region of Nepal (19-21)
PR Pant

Hearing results of type III tympanoplasty with or without cartilage augmentation after Canal Wall Down mastoidectomy (22-27)
BL Shrestha, H Bhattarai, CL Bhusal

Attitude of junior doctors towards needle-stick injuries (28-31)
B Gurung, U Gurung

Review Article

Safety alerts on Rosiglitazone (32-33)
P Subish, MI Mohamed Isham, P Mishra, PR Shankar

Case Reports

An obstacle for alcohol abstinence (34-36)
DR Shakya

Penetration of Radial nerve by subscapular artery (37-38)
RB Kuwar, KS Basnet, S Dhungel, TP Thapa

Benign broncho-esophageal fistula in an adult (39-41)
KN Singh, S Pradhan, B Thapa, UK Shrestha, Parveen Sayami

Warthin’s tumor of Submandibular gland (42-43)
P Adhikari, BK Sinha, DK Baskota

Gall Bladder complications of Typhoid (44-47)
RS Bhandari, BR Luitel, PJ Lakhey, KP Singh

Book Reviews

An aid to houseman interns by Prof. C. L. Bhattachan (48)
Mahesh Khakurel


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