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Kathmandu University Medical Journal has just published its latest issue at

Kathmandu University Medical Journal
Vol 8, No 2 (2010)
Table of Contents


Patient safety: Prevention during care (151-152)
A Vaidya

Gendericide: A scary truth (153)
NS Shrestha

Original Articles

Osteosynthesis of intercondylar humerus fracture using Bryan and Morrey
approach (154-157)
S Lakhey, S Sharma, RL Pradhan, BK Pandey, RR Manandhar, KP Rijal

Correlation of serum free prostate-specific antigen level with histological
findings in patients with prostatic disease (158-163)
M Lakhey, R Ghimire, R Shrestha, AD Bhatta

Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and serotyping of Streptococcus
pneumoniae isolated from Kanti Children Hospital in Nepal (164-168)
B Rijal, S Tandukar, R Adhikari, NR Taludhar, PR Sharma, BM Pokharel, FC
Gami, A Shah, A Sharma, P Gauchan, JB Sherchand, T Burlakoti, HC Upreti, MK
Lalitha, K Thomas, M Steinhoff

Surgical abortion in second trimester: Initial experiences in Nepal
V Shrivastava, L Bajracharya, S Thapa

Effect of haemodynamic and metabolic predictors on echocardiographic left
ventricular mass in non-diabetic hypertensive patients (173-178)
N Gupta, P Karki, S Sharma, N Shrestha, P Acharya

Comparison of single versus multiple doses of antibiotic prophylaxis in
reducing post-elective Caesarean section infectious morbidity (179-184)
A Shakya, J Sharma

Objective voice analysis for vocal polyps following microlaryngeal
phonosurgery (185-189)
SiKC Toran, BK Lal

Prevalence of pharmacotherapy in the department of paediatric dentistry
KR Paudel, NK Sah, AK Jaiswal

Successes rate of endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy at KMC (195-198)
S Shrestha, PK Kafle, S Pokhrel, M Maharjan, KC Toran

Use of double-balloon catheter in the management of epistaxis: A boon for
the periphery (199-202)
M Bista, C Baranwal, M Maharjan, P Kafle, S Shresth, KC Toran

Morbidity and early outcome of transurethral resection of prostate: A
prospective single-institute evaluation of 100 patients (203-207)
B Shrestha, JL Baidya

Upper gastro-intestinal bleeding: Aetiology and demographic profile based
on endoscopic examination at Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University
Hospital (208-211)
RB Gurung, G Joshi, N Gautam, P Pant, B Pokhrel, R Koju, TRS Bedi

Post partum haemorrhage: Prevalence, morbidity and management pattern in
Dhulikhel Hospital (212-215)
AS Dongol, A Shrestha, CD Chawla

Effect of preloading on haemodynamic of the patient undergoing surgery
under spinal anaesthesia (216-221)
J Singh, S Ranjit, S Shrestha, R Sharma, SB Marahatta

Near miss maternal morbidity and maternal mortality at Kathmandu Medical
College Teaching Hospital (222-226)
NS Shrestha, R Saha, C Karki

Acute appendicitis: Analysis of 518 histopathologically diagnosed cases at
the Kathmandu University Hospital, Nepal (227-230)
R Makaju, A Mohammad, A Shakya

Subclinical hypothyroidism in eastern Nepal: A hospital based study
V Rohil, AK Mishra, MK Shrewastwa, KD Mehta, M Lamsal, N Baral, S Majhi

Case Notes

Alport’s syndrome (238-240)
P Bastola, SN Joshi, M Chaudhary, DN Shah

Spigelian hernia (241-243)
TP Bhatia, P Ghimire, ML Panhani

Multiple intracranial tubercular abscesses in a child (244-246)
M Narang, S Gomber, L Upreti, S Dua

Retinoblastoma in a 37 years old man in Nepal: A case report (247-250)
A Shrestha, RC Adhikari, R Saiju

Chronic bilateral dislocation of temporomandibular joint (251-256)
S Shakya, R Ongole, KN Sumanth, CE Denny


An ultrasonographic evaluation of solitary muscular and soft tissue
cysticercosis (257-260)
P Sharma, S Neupane, M Shrestha, R Dwivedi, K Paudel

Initiating advanced laparoscopic surgery in a medical college hospital with
basic laparoscopic set up: Is it feasible and safe? (261-264)
PB Thapa

Variation of total serum cholesterol among the patient with thyroid
dysfunction (265-268)
P Risal, BR Maharjan, R Koju, RK Makaju, M Gautem

Review Articles
Halitosis: Much beyond oral malodor (269-275)
R Ongole, N Shenoy

Short Communication

Biomass combustion and potential health effects in the developing countries
SK Joshi, A Dahl, T Kristensen, P Roldin

Vaginal hysterectomy for pelvic organ prolapse in Nepal (281-284)
DK Sah, NR Doshi, CR Das

Book Reviews

A-Z of Practical Paediatrics (285)
Hemang Dixit

Clinical Examination Methods in Orthopedics (286)
Rajeev Raj Manandhar

The Short Textbook of Medical Microbiology (287)
Badri Thapa


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