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Nepalese Journal Database: Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL)

Banko Janakari

Botanica Orientalis: Journal of Plant Science

Bulletin of the Department of Plant Resources

Ecoprint: An International Journal of Ecology

International Journal of Life Sciences

Journal of Agriculture and Environment

Journal of Food Science and Technology Nepal

Journal of Forest and Livelihood

Journal of Institute of Medicine

Journal of Nepal Chemical Society

Journal of Nepal Dental Association (JNDA)

Journal of Nepal Health Research Council (JNHRC)

Journal of Nepal Medical Association (JNMA)

Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society

Journal of the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science

Journal of Society of Surgeons of Nepal (JSSN)

Kathmandu University Medical Journal

Kathmandu University Science, Engineering and Technology Journal (KUSET)

Nepal Agricultural Research Journal

Nepal Journal of Biotechnology (Published by: Biotechnology Society of Nepal)

Nepal Journal of Forestry

Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (This site is not currently available)

Nepal Journal of Oncology

Nepal Journal of Science and Technology

Our Nature: An International Biological Journal

The Nepal Journal of Neuroscience (This site is not currently available)

Tribhuvan University Journal

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